Two-mode networks

  1. Definition of two-mode networks
  2. Transforming two-mode networks to ordinary valued networks
  3. Normalisations of obtained valued networks
  4. Line islands
  5. Blockmodeling
  6. Examples:
  7. Two-mode networks in Pajek


  1. Analyse and draw given-two mode networks.


  1. Analysis of given two-mode network:
    • visualization of two mode network using matrix and graph
    • blockmodeling of 2-mode network: image matrix, block error matrix, reordered matrix according to clusters obtained
    • transformation of two mode network to both ordinary valued networks
    • visualization of both obtained valued networks using matrix and graph
    • analysis of both obtained valued networks (select two out of three options below):
      • islands
      • community detection methods
      • normalizations (Geo, MinDir)
  2. Interpretation of results.

This assignment should be delivered in electronic form (e.g., DOC, HTML...). Main document should include pictures and links to pictures (SVG). All files should be zipped and sent to professor using e-mail in one week.
Slides (PDF)
Example of 2mode questionnaire (DOC)